Team "CarmenSylva1"

The school we all attend is "Carmen Sylva" (hence the name of the team). We all are in the same grade (eleven grade, to be more specific) on mathematics and computer science. The motto of our team is "The greatest dreams usually begins from something small!"


Serbu Florin Constantin

Our coordinator teacher

Coea Vlad

Mechanical engineer

Dinca Andrei

Data analyses responsible


Vasile Liviu Gabriel

Project manager, Software engineer & Data analyses responsible Outreach, Media, Public Relation responsible

Bâcã Adrian Iulian

Hardware engineer, Software engineer &
Data analyses responsible





Iordache Lucian

Software engineer & Data analysesresponsible


Coea Robert

Mechanical Engineer


Rusnaciuc Andreea Camelia

Hardware engineer



Gherasim Andreea Nicoleta

Hardware engineer & Outreach,Media, Public Relation responsible